August 30, 2014, 6:27 PM

"These gigantic dark clouds are consuming the sky and I’m amazed at the way this reflects the thoughts in my head, rolling in like storm clouds and pounding my head like the rain on the sidewalk. And as fast as it comes in it leaves and I’m fine again." –j.n.
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July 24, 2014, 10:40 PM

Does he make you feel light as air
Or too heavy to stand?

Completely safe in his arms
Or invincible on your own?

Does he make things crisp around the edges
Or blur your vision so you can barely see?

Is he all you’ll ever need
Or something you can’t live without?

Does he make your head spin
Or freeze time when you look into his eyes?

Is he cool and refreshing
Or does he ignite a fire inside you?

The answer should be yes.

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"Why do you think some people are so obsessed with death?"
“Isn’t it obvious? It’s beautiful.”

August 21, 2014, 6:36 PM

One of the odd things about me that doesn’t seem to make sense is that I hate people but I am fascinated with them. A very huge percentage of the population of earth are people that I strongly dislike. I am still fascinated with them to some extent, but it is less of a learning fascination and more of an understanding fascination because I don’t think like most of them do. What is extremely fascinating to me though, is the tiny sliver of a percentage of the population that I don’t dislike and that I do in fact somewhat care for. These are the people who have depth and emotions beyond what most would understand. These people are so interesting and so hard to understand and those people truly amaze me. Their skin is like the surface of the ocean. So much depth and so many cracks and crevices that may never be explored. Things about them and things in their head and in their thoughts and emotions and tendencies that may never be understood or even noticed. But I want to try. That’s what is so fantastic to me is that some people have so much to figure out that although you may never truly know them, you want to get as deep into their ocean as you can. These people are a challenge. And when it comes to understanding people a challenge is just what I want.

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